Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grouse Season in Montana - Day 9

Karen, Dan, Steve & Tim at Amber Bear Inn and One of the bears that showed up

We went up the Clark Fork River to a side canyon I seldom visit. It's 20 miles of bad dirt road. It's a beautiful creek bed with beaver ponds and a cornucopia of grouse food. So thick the dogs have a tough time. We flushed 3 singles and "Gracie" barked at a covey in a group of trees. When she has a bird in a tree she lets everybody know. Tim got 1 but Steve never got a shot today. 8 flushed and 1 in the gamebag. The highlite of the day was when Steve accidentally picked up the wrong boots and slipped his foot into Tim's size 14's. "My God , my foot shrunk" he said......"No, wait, ..... these are Tim's boots!" Steve leaves tomorrow and we are already planning next years hunt. Tim took us to Amber Bear Inn for a very nice dinner. And we actually did see several bears!

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  1. Hi Dad,

    Looks like you and Cassie and Bailey are having fun!