Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grouse Season in Montana - Day 8

Photo By: Karen Thomason

Dan, Tim, & Steve, "Annie" & "Cassie", and 2 grouse

Tim rolled in last night with his 2 Gordon Setters, "Cassie" and "Bailey". 34 degrees this morning and soaking wet. I followed Tim and Steve down the canyon road in my warm van while "Cassie" and "Jack" busted brush. A grouse blew out of a tree above Tim and he hit it. "Jack" got birdy on the left side of the road and as Steve walked up, a bird came off the bank behind him and went over his right shoulder. Big surprise! He hit the trigger and heard a bird fall through the brush. He wasn't sure he hit it and as we went in to search, another bird flushed from the same area. We were about to give up when "Jack"came back from chasing a bird. "Dead Bird, Fetch". He scurried around in thick brush and came out with a nice grouse in his mouth. Thanks "Jack". We changed dogs and "Annie" had a rock solid point on a pair of birds. No shot. We went up Bull River and "Mickey" pointed a covey about 30 yards from a cabin the Forest Service rents to tourists. It was occupied and we opted to restrain our gunfire rather than scare the hell out of an old lady from Idaho. We heard another grouse flush far ahead of us. Probably the big ol' boy I flushed last week. We finished up with 16 flushed and 2 gathered. I added up the journal and we have flushed 113 and taken 22. I'm smilin'! DWT

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  1. Hi all,
    What a great picture! Sounds like everyone had a good and productive day.
    I really enjoy the blog. I am glad Tim mentioned it before he left, now I can check to see what fun you are all having.
    Happy Hunting!