Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grouse Season in Montana - Day 6

Photo By: Karen Thomason

Heavy overcast this morning. We got in a hour of hunting before the rain started. It cleared up a bit this afternoon so we went to Platt's farm and his grandson, Justin, came along for his first Grouse hunt with dogs and shotguns. My friend Steve went on point when he spotted a grouse running away under a pine tree. "Grouse! Grouse!" he shouted. 4 more flushed and he downed one. Grace had 2 points and I got Justin in a good spot and the bird flushed his way. He forgot to thumb the safety and the bird disappeared in a hurry. 7 flushed and one down. We quit early and Steve took us to dinner at Amber Bear Inn. (Which we highly recommend) Karen works really hard taking care of all the friends that come hunting with me. She puts up with muddy boots and barking dogs better than most wives would and we all appreciate her efforts to keep us well fed. Thanks Baby! DWT

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