Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grouse Season In Montana - Day 2

It was wet this morning from last nights rain. Beautiful blue sky but nothing was moving. No tweety birds or squirrels. Nothing. By the time it dried out it was nearly 90 degrees again. We found a couple of singles and 1 covey of Grouse. Steve tried to scare one to death with a close shot, but no bird. Dick came in this afternoon with "Blackies" brother and daughter, "Jack" and "Annie". We hit Elk Creek for a couple hours and Dick got an adult male. Real nice bird. We quit early and went out to dinner at Amber Bear Inn. Great food at the end of a dirt road. Tally for the day was 12 flushed and only one in the game bag. We are going into a private creek bottom tomorrow morning and it is supposed to be cooler. The temperature really cuts down on the hunting time. I won't run the dogs when it is this hot, and it has been Hot Hot Hot! DWT

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