Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grouse Season In Montana - Day 3

Photo By: Karen Thomason

Dick, Dan & Steve, with "Jack and Annie", Dick's Gordon Setters & 4 Grouse

Today we headed up river about 15 miles and hunted a very pretty creek bottom. You couldn't design better grouse cover. We hunted Dick's Gordon Setters in the morning and Jack pointed 2 coveys and Annie had her first grouse point on a great big bird that hopped up on a limb right in front of us. It flew off in a direction that didn't allow a shot from any of us. Can you imagine that?! We flushed 13 and gathered 4. We headed up the creek this afternoon and put up 11 grouse. Dick and Steve each got 1. Total for the day, 24 flushes and 6 in the freezer. We finished up early because Karen cooked all afternoon and we did not want to be late for Grouse Wrapped in Bacon cooked on the BBQ and Grouse and Dumplings. More on that later... DWT

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