Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grouse Hunting in Montana - Day 13

Photo By Karen Thomason

It was 88 degrees today so Karen loaded up her camera stuff and we went for a drive. We took "Happy" along. Karen spotted 3 grouse about 20 ft. off the road and she bailed out to photograph. I drove on up the road 100 yds. and let "Hap" out when she finished her shooting. When I got to the birds 2 had walked off and 1 was on the ground 30' in front of me. We were dead upwind of the bird and "Happy" blew past us down the road. He locked up on bird #2 so I left Grouse #1 to try to get one over the point. The Grouse flushed and I barley got a glimpse of it. Grouse #1 flushed when #2 went. #3 was still there somewhere, so we walked up the road 20 yds. and "Happy" locked up about 30' off the road. #3 went out and all I heard was the flush. No shots today, well, except for Karen's shot of the grouse above. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow!

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