Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shooting Techniques - In the Grouse Woods

Trap shooters know where the target is coming from and skeet shooters even know the direction of flight. Grouse hunters never know when a bird will flush, from where it will emerge or which direction it will fly. Birds in my woods walk or run away from points and I am often surprised by where the bird flushes. The swing through method is the best if you can use it. Butt Belly Beak Bang! Often the grouse flushes at odd angles and odd directions and gun mount is ahead of the bird. You should not move the gun behind the bird and then try to catch up. You don't have time. Allow the target to catch up to the muzzle and incorporate a sustained lead or pull ahead technique, Spot Shooting is not very productive and I believe it leads to crippled birds. Better to let one slip away and try for him next week. Maybe you'll get a better shot, ... probably not. DWT

posted by Karen Thomason on Aug 12 2:18 PM

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