Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hunting Grouse - 9/13/98 - Incredible Morning

Photo By: Karen Thomason
Norm and Dan with "Aspen"

I was hunting with Norm Sorby of Springset Kennels and my good friend Ted from Arizona. We had an extra cup of coffee and headed for a creek bed 2 miles from our house. We had 10 yr. old Aspen along that morning and put her on the ground at 9:30. Her beeper collar sounded in seconds and little did we know that was the beginning of an incredible hunt. Birds flushed in every direction and guns started blazing. We worked around a meadow and into the creek bottom. Aspen was on point every few minutes and we were flushing birds while trying to get to her points. We made our way back towards my van, Aspen on point most of the way. We arrived at the van at 12:00 noon and we had counted 17 points and 50 birds flushed, 9 in the game bag in 2 1/2 hours. I've had lots of 50 bird days but never a morning like that, before or since. I put the date and info on Aspens grave and thank the old girl every time I visit her resting place. DWT

posted by Karen Thomason on Aug 12 4:07 PM

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