Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gordon Setters - Field or Show?....Do You Know the Difference?

If you are not familiar with Gordon Setters, basically there are 2 kinds. Show Gordon Setters and Field Gordon Setters. Show Gordon's are bred for confirmation and size for the Show ring, like Westminster. They are much bigger, at about 60 -80 pounds and have thicker, longer, hair. Most of these Gordon's do not hold up well in the hunting arena because of their size. They usually lack the style and intensity of the field grade Gordon Setters. For this, we have the Field Gordon Setter. They are bred much smaller, at about 35 - 55 pounds, less hair, and have the energy level to hunt all day. Both kinds of Gordon Setters are loving, intelligent, and have great potential. There are a FEW Gordon Setters who are bred for show, but will hunt. If a show breeder tells you his show puppies are great hunters, it's a good idea to see the proof of this yourself. Ask to SEE the parent dogs hunt or point birds. My experience has been, a show dog, who is suppose to hunt, really doesn't hunt well. Their large size prevents them from having much stamina. Their long black hair can exhaust them quickly in heat. Do your research and understand what you want, before you seek out a breeder. For more info: BLOG - Gordon Setters - Get the Right Dog, posted July 17, 09'

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 25 4:27 PM

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