Thursday, October 15, 2015

Grouse Hunt in Montana 10/15/15

It was a beautiful fall day to go for a mountain drive. We took Sport and crossed Fatman Mountain. Only one bird though, today.

Sport had a nice point but the bird flushed into a thicket and Dan won't shoot, what he can't see. That's a good thing, since I am usually lurking around somewhere trying to get a picture. 

Nice Point Sport!

We're having a wonderful fall here in Montana and it's been nice to see the grouse population doing well again. It's getting dark earlier now and cutting in to hunting time. The grouse don't seem to mind. Although there are optimum times to increase your odds of seeing a bird, you can also find one at almost any time of the day. Funny little bird.


  1. That's sure some beautiful country you have there!

    I'm glad to read that you're out there enjoying the season. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Michael. We feel very fortunate to get to live in the Rocky Mountains. Sure nice to see lots of grouse too!