Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lawn Chairs, Not A Good Door

So, it's mud season in Montana. That means a lot of muddy foot prints to clean up. I use rugs at the front door and that catches most of it. What is left, is usually wiped off on the rugs I have inside the doorway. Rugs are fairly cheap and easy to replace.

My back porch, my sanctuary, my bright spot in the woods, is painted light cream to bring in more light and warmth. It's my favorite spot in the summertime. I had rather it not get covered with little muddy paw prints that I can't wash off until we hook up summer hoses again.

I had the great idea of blocking the small entry way of the porch, with a lawn chair. I was sure the dogs would not push it out of the way and enter the porch. And I was right. They did not push it out of the way

JJ ran through it, getting stuck between the canvas seat and the metal base carrying it about 8 feet!  She was stuck so tight, Dan had to cut up the seat of the chair to free her. It wasn't pretty. You could tell she was embarrassed. I was too. 

Got to get a gate to put up.

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