Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tribute To Erin

                               Springset Shining Example, "Erin"

Another great Gordon Setter has passed. She has left this earth and her sickness behind for a much better place. As with all Gordons, we grieve her loss.

Erin was loved and owned by Art & Darlene Wells of Maryland. Art is an avid hunter and loved getting his Gordon's in the woods. Erin loved BIRDS with a passion. Erin had a digestive problem so Art and Darlene made her home made food to keep her on a healthy diet. That must have been a lot of trouble, but that didn't stop them. They loved Erin. She was part of their family.
                                                Erin & Art

In Art's Words....

We lost Erin, Springset Shining Example, on Friday morning when she collapsed and died from a massive seizure.

She was a great little dog and a wonderful companion.  When I sat down at my desk, she was always at my feet.  I couldn't even go to the bathroom without her laying by the door waiting for me to come out.  I still find myself looking around me before I take a step.  I'm pretty sure I'll be doing that for some time. 

Erin was a bird maniac and spent her days stalking everything in the yard with her buddy Angel.  She will be greatly missed.  I've been spending lots of time with Angel but I know she misses her pal too.

                                               Erin & Angel

                                                R.I.P. Erin

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