Wednesday, June 20, 2012


R.I.P. NEMESIS......You will be Missed.

A Good Day! ..........Nem in South Dakota
Nem came from our kennel, Sure Thing Gordon Setters, in 2000. Tim Coleman chose her and fell in love with her. He gave her a wonderful life on a farm in Michigan and she hunted faithfully for him till the end. 

Tim & Nem in Montana - 2001 
Tim, Gordon and Tad with their Gordon's - 2001
A Good Day in the Field!

The Birds’ Nemesis GGGSS, started her spirit journey today, 3 days shy of her 12th birthday.  She showed me birds from Michigan, through the Great Plains, and on to the mountains of Montana and Idaho.  A great companion, she loved her family and our friends, and taught me to trust my bird dog, as she knew where the birds were, and held a tight point.  Words can’t describe the love she had for us, and us for her.  Find us some good hunting spots Nem, we will be along soon enough.  We love you Nem.  I know I will hear your beeper collar in the back field and the woods.  ROOSTER!!!!

Until We Meet Again.........Hunt on, my Friend. 


  1. awww. really sweet tribute to her.

  2. Sorry for your loss Tim. It's always hard to lose one but there will be other dogs and new memories to be made.