Monday, November 21, 2011

Gordon Setter Stud - Looking to Breed

Grimm Storli and his Gordon Setter, "Trouble"

I was recently contacted by Grimm Storli, from Kalispell, Montana. He and his family run the Blue And White Motel, there in Kalispell.

Grimm has a beautiful male Gordon Setter, named Trouble. He's very proud of Trouble and would like to breed him to a qualified female, possibly in exchange for a puppy.

This is what Grimm wrote:

I have a beautiful hunting Gordon Setter. He is 7 years old and has a wonderful personality.  I was hoping to breed him.  I am willing to work with you as far as fee's go.  If you need a new dose of genetics, or if you know of a Gordon that is looking to get bred, please keep me in mind.

My dog Trouble is a very good hunter.  He stays pretty close, maybe to close for field trialing, but perfect for a person who is not hunting on horseback.  I have been around Gordons my whole life and Trouble is one of the nicest "people dogs", I have ever seen. He is sure everyone loves him.

I have trained him, but since he loves hunting so much, and I thought I might be able to field trial him, I had a professional finish his training.  Penny Jo Wagner, out of Spokane, would be happy to comment on Trouble's abilities, and is also trying to find a breedable bitch for him. I would love to get another puppy for the breeding fee.

"Trouble" is AKC Registered.......

 "Trouble's" Petdigree.........

If you are interested in breeding your female Gordon Stetter with "Trouble", or would like to know more about "Trouble", please contact Grimm Storli at :

OR Call : 406-261-1394


  1. Trouble is a beautiful dog, I wish him luck!

  2. I hope you are keeping well :) Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year x