Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where Did All Those Puppies Go?

After planning, breeding, and raising a litter of puppies, one of the most satisfying  aspects of the whole experience, is seeing the happy faces that are the new families for our puppies. 

This is Debbie & Scott . They took Delilah, who was renamed Macey Mae. They have a great place for Macey Mae to run and they have other dogs so she already has "brothers and sisters". And talk about Lucky Dogs...these guys get the whole basement and even have their own couch! (Uh...Make sure that doesn't get back to my dogs please.)
This is Seth & Poncho. He is the son of a couple, who got a puppy from us years ago.  Seth grew up with that Gordon and said she was the best bird dog he'd ever seen. We couldn't be happier that he came to us for his first Gordon Setter, and he and Poncho are together. I know they're going to be best friends and great hunting buddies. And Seth kept the name Poncho.

This is Michael & Lucy, who is now Sure Thing Ginger Snap. Cute, right? They seem to hit it off right away! Michael lives in Alaska and flew to Seattle, drove to Montana, picked up his puppy, drove back to Seattle,  then flew back to Alaska with her. Now that's love! I can only imagine all of the adventures ahead for these two!

And this Jen & Carl with Sally, who is now Sure Thing Golden Gale. They've got two little kids and expecting another one in December. And imagine.... they wanted a puppy!! Didn't take the puppy long to know who the "mama" was!

This is the Morgan Family with their puppy, Nadine, who they named Chloe Jo. Look at those smiling faces! I just know, Shelly is going to spoil Chloe rotten.

Ahhhhh..........Sweet Puppy Kisses.
This is Carrie with Lefty, who was given the name Fenway. That's her family in the next picture. Carrie fell in love with Lefty from his pictures on my blog. She was determined to own him. She clawed her way up the list and staked a claim! I hope Fenway knows how lucky he is!

This is Kim, with her friend, Wally, and Leroy Brown. Kim named him Gordie, after her father Gordon. Kim has adopted a lot of dogs and rescued them from certain death. But she decided she wanted a Gordon Setter this time.  And she hunts! Wally has had a Gordon Setter before, so he will be of great help when it comes to the field work.

This is Brian & Tina with their first Gordon Setter, Layla. They gave her a great name, Surething Brandy You're a Fine Girl. Call name, Brandy. I love that!! Brian has already been very busy with Brandy. They've been out in the woods and tracked through little streams with her new buddy, a golden retriever. She has had a .22 shot over her and getting ready to experience the sound of a shot gun. She has already started pointing a grouse wing. WE ARE SO PROUD.

Brian sent this to me this week. Look at Brandy! .....I'm so impressed! Way to Go Brian and Tina!

Well, there you have it. That's the whole list for this litter. We're so lucky that we always meet the nicest people who want one of our puppies. I know that our puppies have great homes with these folks and I can't wait to see what they do together.

Have a great day everyone......and don't forget to hug you dog!


  1. these are so great, karen. nice to see where those beauties have landed!!!

  2. Great post, Karen. It's nice to see that all the puppies when to lovely people! Good job there, Girl!

  3. Wow, they weren't even my pups to give away, and I'm getting teary-eyed over the puppy pointing already! Congrats to you for what you do, and to all of those lucky folks who get to have new puppies. Fantastic!

  4. I've always wanted to know where the puppies went. Great post. I hope they all have wonderful lives, especially Leroy. I think he was my favorite.

  5. Those are really great smiles, surely a priceless achievement for you.