Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Good-Bye

Karen & Leroy
Leroy is gone now.  He was here about 2 weeks longer than the rest. He had a little accident while he was here (another post) and he had to spend 4 days at the Vets.  It was a little traumatic for the little guy. When I picked him up to come home, he made little whiny sounds and cuddled up to me licking my face. I think he was happy I came back! When he came home, we had to watch him, play with him, baby him basically, and we had to put him on a special diet. When I take care of a puppy almost every hour of the day, oh yea, I get attached. I tried my best not to. I really did. Just look at that face!

I miss Leroy. He's such a likable little dog. He is very smart and always attentive. When you talk to him, he listens and tries to understand. Cocks his head from side to side. If you make a noise, he watches to see what you're doing. We taught him "Sit" in about 4 or 5 tries, in 2 days. He caught on very quickly. He was almost house trained when he left. As a matter of fact, when I took him outside, I could say, "go pee" and he did.

I brought him in the house a couple of times a day, to start some house manners. In between we played in his outside kennel. He would lay on the floor by me and have a chew bone. I miss that. Especially at night.

We raise Gordon Setters because we love this breed so much. Having puppies is a wonderful experience for the whole family. The experience I have gained and the things I have learned have been invaluable. Having a great hunting dog that will put up birds when other dogs can't, that's pretty special too.

It's difficult to not get attached to our puppies. We plan these puppies, watch them be born, and sometimes assist with the birth, sometimes  assist with feedings, and watch them grow into little dogs with so much potential. We care for them 4 to 5 times a day, playing, talking, kissing, cuddling them to get them socialized to people. And at about 7 to 9 weeks, we send them out the door with a client and sometimes never hear from them again. It's hard to let go.


  1. Aw, I am sure that was one face you didn't want to see leave. It is easy to get attached to them, especially if they don't destroy the house. Glad he is in his forever home though, as it should be!


  2. oh, i'd be missing that sweetheart too. i sure hope he has gone to a good home!

  3. I'd miss him too. Good luck Leroy.

  4. What a sweetie! How could you not get attached to that puppy! I have the same problem with the goat babies.We try to be there when they are born and go out and socialize with them several times a day so they will make good pets or milkers for their new homes.The draw back is getting attached to them. I just have to start thinking about the next batch of babies,lol!

  5. I am thinking moving out is harder on the dogs than on their original owners. I am crushed when one of our dogs has to be put to sleep and being a photographer, I love to take pictures of them doing anything. I am so glad I have photos of my dogs. My very first two dogs and me sitting on the edge of the old porch is the oldest photo I have and I remember those two dogs like it was then, yesterday.

  6. Karen gives her heart to all her pups. The care she and Dan give the dogs is part of the whole that makes them such great dogs. Nurture / Nature? It takes both! Great lines and great love + time makes great dogs.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. Glad I'm not the only sap on blogger!
    Abe, You'd be surprised how quick a puppy forgets us, once it's in a good home and getting lots of individual attention. MUCH quicker, than I forget them! I used to cry with every puppy that left. That was hard. After about 20 litters, I finally got used to it. Well, as much as one can. We make every effort to get out puppies into good homes, preferably where they can fulfill their life's purpose to hunt birds. Putting a dog to sleep, that's a whole other story. I've had to face that twice, and it just kills me. It's the worse thing a dog lover will ever have to face. Both times, something inside me died too. There's a part of my heart that will never heal.
    Tim, Thanks for your kind words! It's people and friends like you, that keep us going!

  8. Sure is a beautiful dog! Sucks getting attached to them sometimes...

    Love the new blog look!