Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gordon Setter Puppy Pictures - Almost 6 Wks Old

Here are your weekly posed pics along with some I snapped off when they were playing. I know you will see a big difference in their growth this week. We have been putting them in their outside kennel during the day. The hot weather has been a little hard for them, not being used to all that sunshine heat, but the exercise and fresh air has been good for them. In the middle of the hot day we've been setting the hose nozzle for "Mist" and waving it over the puppies. I know it cools them down considerably. And I am happy to report,  they are all smart enough to come in from the rain!! ( Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

They are almost through the process of deciding who is the leader, and who is not. Always an interesting right of passage. They are chasing balls and chewing on stuffed toys, rope toys, rubber toys, and each other, as well as us!

We have an appointment Wednesday for their 6 week Vet exam, worming, and their first set of shots. I will let you know how it goes. We expect no problems.

And now, without further delay.......

♥Our Little Girls♥




♥Our Little Boys♥


Leroy Brown
 And now, On the Playground....

New Toys!

"It's MINE....Don't even think about it!!!"

Being Sweet.....for a minute.

Nice pose Delilah!

Chasing the Ball

Leroy Brown looking very handsome

And the Picture of the Day.......  

♥   Poncho fast asleep    ♥

Have a great week everyone 
and we'll be seeing some of you very soon!


  1. Geez they are so cute! Even so young, you can see facial expressions! Such personalities, ooh, I could just squish, and hug 'em and call 'em George!

  2. oh, they couldn't be any cuter! just bundles of personality coming thru now!