Friday, July 29, 2011

Grandchildren & Gordon Setters At The Same Time!

Having grandchildren and puppies at the same time is wonderful! 
The grandchildren learn how to hold and care for a puppy. 
And the puppies get lots of hugs, kisses, love, and socialization that is important for a puppy. 

Thank you Maddie, Maryanne, Megan and Christopher for helping with the puppies!

JJ greets Maddie with a gentle kiss.

Maryanne, Maddie, and Megan
A girl for every puppy!

learning to cuddle
Christopher loves the puppy!
Puppy Loves Christopher 

Big Smiles From Both!
Don't forget to hug you dog! .............and
especially your grandchildren!   (:


  1. That surely is a bunch of sweetness!

  2. Its a shame that kids and dogs grow up too quickly. Nice kids; cute pups.