Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gordon Setter Puppies - 3 Wks. & 5 Days Old

The puppies have grown and changed a lot this week. They will be 4 weeks old Tuesday. They are out growing their whelping nest! Getting louder and louder. Fussing and wrestling with each other. For about 30 minutes......then they are back to sleep!
Here are the individual puppy pictures. There are two of each and they are in the same order as the color chart I put up here.







 Leroy Brown

 I'll be posting pictures of their first outdoor adventure on Tuesday.

By the way, we have a male puppy available to anyone who may be interested in this litter. 

We provide a Contract & 100% Guarantee. 
AKC & FDSB Registered. References.

Have A Great Day!


  1. they are so beautiful! and just 100% adorable!

  2. Oh, how sweet, I wish I could handle another one!

  3. Love watching them grow a little!