Monday, July 11, 2011

Gordon Setter Puppies - 13 Days Old

We have chosen the Theme for this litter and the names to go with it. 

    The theme is: Names in Famous Songs.

We have 5 females and 3 males. Each puppy is assigned a name and a color.
From here out, the color corresponding with the name, will always be the same.

The chart below shows each puppy name and the assigned color. The bands only come in 5 colors, so we put a zig zag design on the 3 boys. Each puppy is wearing their color coded collar that corresponds to their assigned colors.

                                    The Females.......

 Delilah in Green

 Layla in Blue

 Sally in Orange

 Lucy in White

Nadine in Yellow

                                    And now the Males......... 

 Poncho in Orange & Black

Lefty in Blue & Black

Leaning "LEFT"?

Leroy Brown in White & Black

I realize that in this pic it looks like my husband is strangling this puppy, but I swear he isn't! Leroy Brown reufsed to wake up! Dan is holding his collar to prevent him from drooping his head down, so we may see his white.   

All of the puppies appear to be perfectly healthy and thriving. They opened their eyes over the week end. They are moving around a lot, in between all those naps they take. JJ is doing well also.

I'll be posting weekly updates now with pictures. Usually it will be on Sundays.


  1. Can't wait till we can see them with eyes wide open and toddling around! They are a precious bunch!

  2. they are so cute! like the song name theme, but i'm disappointed no 'lola'. however, that would be tough to assign to boy or girl... ha!