Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Blog On The Block!

I am honored to announce......

There's a new Blog on the Block and you have to check it out!
 Roll out the red carpet.....
Drum Roll please.....

It's all about silver and antique silver and who doesn't love silver? 
 I do! I do!

Check out this Siam Pin.  How cool is that?

   Beautiful antique spoons and medicine spoons.

Some of you already know her as 
Sharon says, "I have always liked metals and stones, and I do love shiny things.  Antique/Vintage American silver is one of my many passions, as well as vintage jewelry. I am NOT an expert, but I enjoy my little hobby! I may sell some of these items if you are interested."

Sharon loves to share her love of collecting silver so please visit her today and sign up to learn all about silver and collecting and beautiful antiques.

I'm going to link in with Verde Farms,  Farm Friend Friday!
You should visit her too, if you haven't already. (:


  1. Thanks for the flashing arrow over to Sharon's new site! I knew she was considering setting it up so am glad she did! :)

  2. That's really super, Karen! Thanks for being my first follower! I hope I don't bore you!

  3. How cool Karen. You are such a great bloggy buddy!

  4. They look very nice to me. I used to think about things in silver but saw so much in silver already made, especially turquoise that I just gave up on it. Nothing as nice as these things either.

  5. And thanks for signing up T. (: She just needed someone to push her in the right direction!

    You are very welcome Sharon. I know I will enjoy learning more about silver and I'm looking forward to seeing what all you have to show off!

    Ahhhh. Thanks Amy. You are too...Farm Friend Friday will help get Sharons blog known even better! Thanks!

    Honest Abe, Ask any girl, there's NEVER too much silver. ha ha