Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Blogger Award!

I don't normally participate in AWARDS  that are given just to be collected. That's okay, if you have the kind of blog that is for that sort of thing. I visit those blogs sometimes myself and enjoy them. But my blog is more about canine information like training, hunting, health reports, and everything to do with puppies including lots of pics.

This AWARD is different and has a good goal behind it. That goal is to help bloggers get to know each other. I think it is an excellent idea and I love the spirit of the award.

This Award is called, The Stylish Blogger Award. I am honored to accept this award from Dennis @ Adventures With Dad.  It is my first, and I appreciate it very much! If you haven't visited Dennis'  site, please do. It's all about the adventures  of one Dad and three kids. You'll love it!
Hey Dennis....We have a love of Classic Cars in common! Love the rev of the engines and squealing tires! Oh yea!....Oh wait....Only in the LEGAL races though, of course. lol

This Award comes to me with 4 Requests.
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award, by providing a link to their site. You see the link, right? Go visit Dennis!
  2. Share 7 things about yourself, that other bloggers might not know.
  3. Give the Award to 15 newly discovered or interesting bloggers.
  4.  Notify each of those bloggers to present the Award.
So, to continue on with the 7 Things you may not know about me....
  1. I don't hunt now, but I have shot a few grouse on the wing. Now, I only shoot with my camera.
  2. I HATE being cold, but LOVE the Snow.
  3. Besides Family, Photography and Videography are my First Love.
  4. I get excited like a kid when I hear the sound of a loud race car, classic car or Harley Davidson.
  5. I am proud that I was finally able to quit smoking after being very addicted for over 35 years. 
  6. I was born 20 miles North of Nashville, Tennessee and lived the first 11 years of my life there.
  7. I love to fish in the summer and can sometimes out-fish my husband!

And now, It's my pleasure to give this Award to these most deserving blogs:

.....Now Go Visit Each and Every One! 

Just one note.....
I have tried to limit my list to people who have not yet received this Award, so as to not defeat the purpose.

Oh...And Theresa, Texwisgirl, I saw your comment out there that you enjoyed my blog. What a nice little surprise all tucked away quietly awaiting me. 
Thanks a Bunch and Back At Cha'!


    1. I DO enjoy your blog and love your love of pups! :) Congrats to you. And I adore Dennis and his sweet love of family! Besides Sharon's blog, there's a lot there I'm not familiar with so I've got some homework to do today! :)

    2. I am glad to find out more about you and do love to review your blog from time to time. I am a very huge dog lover from way back. Thanks again!

      Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

    3. Thank you for thinking of me, Karen, but due to technical difficulties, I have become an "award free blog".

      You have some interesting tales to tell, I see! I like the classic cars myself and as I out-fished my ex every time, he quit taking me!

      Have a very nice day now!

    4. Karen, Thank you SOOOO much!! YOU ROCK!! I will definitely be passing this one on.
      Bad Ass Girls Club

    5. Thanks T...glad to give you some new reading!

      Thanks Rick, I'll be looking forward to your 7 things to get to know you better too!

      Sharon, I'm sorry, now that you mentioned it, I remember you posting that about awards. But know that we enjoy your blog enough to pass it on to others! We love Jack N Jill!

      Lindsay, You're welcome also! I Love to spread the word on good blogs! You girls have got a good one.

    6. Wow - thank you so much for including me in that group with all those fabulous bloggers. I'm honored. I will perform my duties and pass it on asap.

    7. Congratulations! GSC is special because its stew of text and photos is spiced by its creator's insights and love for dogs. GSC does not "deserve" this award; GSC has *earned* it.

    8. Jennifer, You are very welcome! I enjoy your blog very much and am happy to share the award with you. You teach us all so much!

      Michael, I am very touched by your high complement and praise. I feel so appreciated!! Thank you.

    9. congrats to you. Always find your blog interesting and informative.

    10. ArtOC, Thank you very much. That means a lot to me coming from you! After all, You were one of my first loyal followers and encouraged me to keep going. I appreciate it.

    11. Now that I'm home from work I have some extra time to say thanks for a good job. I've always enjoyed your blog. It's always interesting and informative, I've picked up so many great tips about dogs and enjoyed chasing grouse around Montana with Dan and his friends. I feel like I almost know Happy, JJ, Blackie and Mickey and all the pups. Great job and keep up the good work!

    12. Thanks ArtOC for such a nice compliment! Like I said, coming from means a lot and I really do appreciate it. When I hear stuff like that...makes me want to go post!!! Thanks again, friend.

    13. I do have a problem
      u read my blog but so u know my dog make up
      welsh terrier dog ( leader) age 4
      bulldog bitch aged 4
      welsh terrier bitch 5
      scottish terrier 4

      my problem is that the terriers bark at other dogs when on the lead... off the lead they are fine, but on the lead..terrible

      when they see a dog I will relax and ask the owner to let them all "met" then when we engage in conversation the dogs will relax,,, but not all owners will stop!

      please emial me

    14. My K-9 Baron is a Mini LH chasing rabbits or hunting for wounded deer for him. Though I believe he'd love to do both! Interested in your blog because of your love of hunds!

    15. John, I would be happy to send a little advice your way on this problem. Check your email and thanks for stopping by!

      Hi Theanne, Welcome and Thanks for signing up!I hope you'll find Gordon Setter Crossing interesting and fun. Please feel free to put your 2 cents in anytime!

    16. That's a really great list Karen...esp the quiting smoking part, that is outstanding!

      That sound is something people love or's a common bond among people that love it...there's nothing like it imo.

      I'm a real dog lover, have always had at least one up until the past couple years. I love visiting your blog and seeing what you are up to here.

      Your blog was an easy pick for me Karen, and I love the fact that this award was really all about shouting out other blogs...I'll be sure to check out your list.

      Have a great weekend!!


    17. Thank you so much for the award, Karen! I'm so happy that you thought of me! I really enjoyed reading your seven fun facts. You're right, it's a great way to get to know each other in the land of blogs.
      Thanks again and enjoy your evening!

    18. Teresa, You are very welcome. I enjoy your blog and love all the beautiful colors there. You really have a great photo eye. My pleasure to share it with other bloggers!(:

    19. I really love your blog Karen and find it so educational and use the info I find here. I think you are a great resource to many of us and you certainly deserve this award :)

    20. Amy, (Verde Farm) Thank you so much for the nice words about my blog. It's wonderful to know the info is useful to the kind people who follow me. That's what it's all about! I have Gordon Setters, but I truly love all dogs. Glad you and Shep enjoy it! Did he get his shades yet?? LOL