Friday, February 18, 2011

Halley, The Most Loyal Family Farm Dog We Ever Knew

This is my Granddaughter, Maddie. Isn't she a beauty?  

And next to her is the family golden retriever, "Halley".  
My son-in-law already had Halley when he married our daughter Amy, in 2003. 

My 5 grandchildren have been raised with Halley. 
She has been there in sickness
And in celebration.
She has been their friend and their protector. 
She has been the family dog
And a family member.

But sadly, this week,  
Halley's 13 year journey here on earth came to an end.

 And so, her family lovingly prepared a beautiful resting place for her and said good bye to their loyal companion.

Primrose planted in the shape of a Heart covers her grave.

She is no longer in pain or peril
......She is at peace and will forever be near.

A white rock with the words, "Here lies Halley the most loyal family farm dog we ever knew".

Good-Bye Sweet Halley. Nice to know you girl. 
We will all miss you.

Thanks for being there for my grandkids and for being
"The most loyal family farm dog" they ever knew.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry for your whole family! She was a beauty and no doubt, a wonderful dog. :(

  2. I am so sorry, that had to be hard on everyone. She did look like a special dog.


  3. What a sweet dog and what a loving family...what a nice tribute to her...I love the flowers in the shape of a heart...and the writing on the rock!

  4. Very sorry to read this, Karen...

    Halley looked like a sweet girl. How much better life can a dog have than to spend a lifetime with folks that love them, and miss them when they're gone?
    A fitting testament to a great dog, and a great family.

    My deepest condolences..


  5. My deepest sympathy in the passing of sweet Halley. Having just lost my own 13 year old dog, I can certainly relate to all the empty spots you must have in your home (and heart) right now. Bill Dalton told me you send condolences on my loss of Finny and I so appreciate it. Thank you for your kindness and again, my sympathy to you and yours.

  6. Theresa & Sharon, Thanks, your words mean a lot.

    Theanne, I liked the flowers too. They live in an area that is warm, so they should always grow there and be beautiful.

    Bill, Thanks for your kind words also. Hally had a great life. That's all any of us can hope for!

    Hi Deb, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice note. Finny was gorgeous, and I am sorry. I know you must miss him. And we too lost our 13 yr. old Gordon, "Happy" last summer. I miss him something awful. Thanks again for your note.

  7. sad. It is terrible to loose a beloved pet.What a beautiful resting place they made for Halley.

  8. That is sad to hear. Especially with Goldens, as I have a soft spot for them - and kids. Nice memorial they made!

  9. Sorry to hear about Hally. Its always hard to loose one that is so close to everyone. A very nice tribute to her from the family.

  10. Melodie, Casey, and Art....Thank you all. It is appreciated.

  11. Oh boy -- this tears me up. We love dogs too and have had many and the parting is such a sorrowful event. We buried our Autumn Even Lincoln close to the house in 2006. That was the worst day of my life. I am so sorry that your dog passed away, but knowing the aches and pains many older dogs go through it could have been a blessing as it was with Autumn. She could no longer see and arthritis was bad.

  12. Abe, Thanks so much, and I am sorry about your Autumn. When you have a great dog, it's difficult to say good bye. We have buried 5 Gordons on our property. The fifth one was no less painful, than the first.

  13. I am very sorry for the loss of your dear Halley. While so very difficult to have them leave us, our pets are usually the only creatures we live with that we get to experience the entire life cycle with (if we are lucky) from birth to old age and then death. It must be a training ground for us all to prepare us for the loss of humans that we love.

    We are hoping to get another dog later this year. It has been a sad two years this month since we lost our dear Angus at 15 1/2 years. He was a great dog!