Friday, January 7, 2011

How Many Taste Buds Do Your Pets Have?

How many taste buds does your dog have in his mouth? Would you believe 1700? Sound like a lot? Not really. A human has 9000.

 Pigs and goats have 15,000 and a calf has 25,000!

Pigs and goats eat everything and calves only eat grass. So why do they need so many taste buds? hummm

 And you know how finicky cats are, right? They  only have 473.

Well that just goes to show ya,  there's just no explaining taste!


  1. Ha ha! Good one!!! Interesting statistics! Who knew?

  2. Those ARE things that make me say Hmm? Weird about the calf. And I totally agree with the finicky kitty stat. Stupid things...!

  3. That would explain DC only wanting certain food, the rest must taste like cardboard!


  4. I cant help but to scratch my noggin over this, after seeing some of the products that my dogs have... ehm... ingested... I had really hoped that they couldn't taste what they were eating... BUT at the same time, maybe by having extra taste buds, those little "buds" helped them find the flavor they were looking for!? LOL

    All the Best,
    Leigh ;-)

  5. That might explain some of the wonderful things my dogs have eaten. It would seem like having too many taste buds might be a liability if your a dog.

  6. What a cool post--had no idea. Good question, why do calves only eat grass. I bet if they ever ate anything else--it would be on :) LOL

  7. Good conversation ya'll, interesting ideas from you all. I was hoping too, that my dog who pics up "nibbles" sometimes, had no taste, but I was wrong! And apparently, it doesn't matter where the nibbles come from, or who. She'll still go for them. UGH!
    Again, there's just no explaining taste!lol