Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Another Great Gordon

Being in the dog breeding business, we see a lot of Gordons come and go. Lots of puppies to play with, love, and place into  wonderful new homes. That's the fun part, the rewarding part of breeding. But for every puppy we put out there, there comes a time that we have to say good bye. This is one of those times.


Cooper was one of our puppies. Ken and Helen Kirkwood were his owners. Sadly, we received this email from them this week. Cooper had a great life and lived past 15 thanks to their great care and love.

Dan & Karen,
We are sad to say we had to put Cooper down last Sat, his hind quarters just gave out and he was in pain.  15 yrs, 8 mos - quite a run.  He was one hell of a dog, we loved  him till the end and will miss him.  If I had been up to it he would have been the best of the lot.  He loved to travel in our motorhome and had dipped his toes in both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.  Picture is from last Monday during our “snowstorm”, I’m sure it pales in comparison to what you get but we’re wimps out here on the coast.
Ken & Helen

  R.I.P. Cooper


  1. Awww. A mark of a truly good breeder - to stay in touch with dogs and their owners long LONG after the pups have been placed into homes. Obviously a really good dog - 15 yrs. 8 mos. I can only imagine how much they'll miss him...

  2. I dread the time comes when our four legged companions leave us, it never gets any easier does it. But so nice that you keep in touch with your pup,s family's and that they think enough of you to return the compliment.

  3. Cooper looks like Ginger's twin and lived just as long. I know how much you miss them. Great dogs, good breeding and a great home. You really can't ask for more.

  4. A sad day indeed. Yet 15 yrs. 8 mos is quite a run for certain. I know he will be missed and I too dread the day when it comes for me and my Jet. It speaks volumes of you as a breeder that Cooper's owners stayed in touch! First class.

  5. texwisgirl, Thank you for your high praise. We do love to stay in touch with all of our clients and puppies. Ken and Helen was lucky to have Cooper as long as they did.
    John, Don't think about that day until you're forced to. It comes too soon anyway. You and Lucy have a few more trails to hit before she'll be ready to go!
    Art, Funny you should say that, I thought he looked like Gin too. The way he's standing there in the snow. We are grateful for those clients who think enough of us to stay in touch.
    Terry, Thank you also, we try really hard to produce quality bird dogs. It pays off when clients remember us 15 years later. That's very important to us.
    Thanks to all for your kind words. I know Ken and Helen surly appreciate your kindness.

  6. Awe so sad. We all have our seasons. And I agree you guys are excellent breeders and owners.

  7. Leigh, Thanks for your sweet comment. Seems like we sure are saying good-bye a lot lately. We're hoping for a big litter of Gordon Setter puppies out of Mickey, and NO deaths for the year 2011. Big wish, but I'm hanging onto it!

  8. It is very sad to loose a loved one and it never get's easier but rest assured he is looking down at all of you.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  9. Thanks Rick, and thanks for stopping by! One thing we know for sure, all bird dogs go to heaven!

  10. Our heartfelt gratitude to all you Gordon owners who share our pain. We just have to focus on the past 15+ years that Cooper was a part of our family. He was smart, devoted, could be as stubborn as a mule, and we loved him dearly. We never took him anywhere but what he didn't garner compliments for being such a beautiful dog. We spend the winters in a park in Casa Grande, AZ, and he had a huge fan club; of course he was a show stopper amongst all the small terriers and poms and the like. At the moment, we are saying, "No more dogs", but one never knows when the Thomasons might get a phone call!! Ken and Helen Kirkwood

  11. It take's a while for the heart to heal after losing a Gordon. But so you know, Ken and Helen, we'd be honored if you decide you'd like another puppy. No pressure, just putting it out there.

  12. Oh Karen, this breaks my heart. I know the time comes we have to say goodbye to our furry babies but is is heart breaking. Sounds like Cooper had a wonderful life. So sorry for Ken and Helen.

  13. Yes Amy, he did. He had a wonderful life. Someone here in the blogging world once said that it is a cruel twist of fate that a man lives to be 70 - 80 - 90. Where as our canine companions and hunting pals only live 10 - 16 years. Boy, is that ever true!