Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dog Shoots His Man!

Well I thought that I had heard it all....until this morning when I read online news headlines that said, "Dog Shoots Man, Honest!" I read it again. Dog....Shoots....Man....Honest!
 After a slight guilty giggle, I had to read this article. The story is over 3 years old, but I had not heard it before. Yep, sure enough, a dog shot his man! The guy left his gun laying on the ground while he stepped away to retrieve a pheasant. Next thing you know, the dog steps on the gun, pulls back the trigger (accidentally) and shoots his hunter  who ended up with over 100 pellets in his calf. Well, at least they think it was accidental! Doesn't this make an excellent point for teaching your dogs to retrieve? At first, I thought, that must have been really embarrassing, in the emergency room. "Uh,  Yes, uh.... My dog shot me!"  But when I read the article, it stated that the spokesman for the Iowa Natural Resources Dept. said that he actually hears of this happening a couple times a year! Really??......REALLY??

They really need to have some hunter safety classes so this never happens again.
Anybody know where I can sign my dog up??

If you'd like to read the full article, click here:

Dog Shoots Man, Honest!


  1. LOL! I don't believe I would have told them the dog shot me :).

  2. Good Morning! My first chuckle of the day, thanks!

  3. Yup, I've read a couple of these stories before. Loved your last line! Those canines better learn some safety techniques! :)

  4. Joe, I'm am with you on that! I would have lied for sure!!
    Sharon, Glad I could start you day with a laugh. We should all start our days that way!
    Texwis, This was a first for me. I could hardly believe it happened once, much less more than once! lol

  5. I have to say, this is a hoot. I see it differently than above. The dog said to the hunter, “I want a crack at this one”, hunter said no I am the hunter, mind your place boy. Dog waiting unitl hunter walked away and said “I’ll show you my place.” LOL
    I’d love to see the dog :)

  6. Amy, Anyone who knows bird dogs, knows that your story is very plausible! I think you're on to something. I sure enjoyed the cartoon that played out in my head when I read your scenario! LOL