Sunday, November 7, 2010

Testing, Testing....... New Toys For The Gordons

Sport, our guest dog that we adopted, is a big boy. He is learning how to behave in his new home. He needs toys and LOVES to chew. The toy basket was getting pretty bare, mostly containing soft plush toys and a few knot-tied socks. He chewed on the moose, then tore it open. He chewed the stuffed duck, then tore that open too. And of course, the stuffing started coming out.  Once that happens, it's trash. So, I took them away and I thought I'd try some new ones that were suppose to be tougher. Way tougher.
This is what I got.
Dogzilla - 3 X Stronger!
and Tuff Stuff by Hartz
I asked Sport if he'd like to try them out. He took the toys and had a blast..........

 For about 4 1/2 minutes flat....and THIS was his opinion. I think it's pretty clear how he feels about the new toys and to tell you the truth, I'm not real happy about these SO CALLED TOUGH TOYS either.

 If I had taken the time to read the label on this toy before I purchased it, I could have saved myself $7.97.

Seriously? Are You Kidding Me?? Isn't "hand wash" for delicate items?  "Do not twist, wring, or scratch?" My dog did ALL that in the first 30 seconds he had it! "Lay FLAT to dry?" By the time Sport had it 2 minutes, there was NO flat side left.  What are they talking about?! If I had not seen it myself, I would have never guessed that this was a tag on a  TOUGH CHEW toy for DOGS.  

If you have a TOUGH plush toy, I mean seriously TOUGH plush toy, I'd like to hear from you!
I haven't found one yet, that the dogs couldn't destroy within the first few minutes of play.
Do you have one?


  1. Oh my gosh! That's too funny and unfortunately SO true!!! I've done the same thing - bought the "super tough", extra super-duper stitching, even tried the non-stuffed toys and they're all destroyed within minutes too.

    We have a basket full of pieces of former toys, knotted socks and a few rags I've twisted and tied into knots. About the only toy that seems to get any real time out of it is a tug-o-war rope kind. They'll chew it too eventually, but they wear themselves out on it first - at least for a few rounds...


  2. That is a total rip-off. You are right--advertising "tough" and then wash delicate? I've yet to find a really tough one other than this big red rubber thing I can't think of the name--kong or something...but it's so heavy they can't even pick it up in their mouth :(

  3. Too many dog toys are trash as you already know. My old setter Flash, like Sport, can take apart a toy in a matter of minutes. It helps to see the toys first but that is not always possible. Look for tuff toys that can stand up to hard use. If you get some junk, tell the seller that you will never buy their product again. Sooner or laater they will get the message.

  4. texwisgirl, I couldn't believe it! Obviously someone who never had a dog!I have tried the rope toys and our dogs don't seem to like them.I will find something..eventually!
    Amy,You are speaking of the KONG Ball. Been there done that. My husband was afraid they would knock the dogs teeth out because of the weight! lol We didn't use those either.
    Art,I got these at Wally world. They looked good. Fooled me for sure! Sport and JJ are "pullers". Hard to find something to stand up to that. Hey, how was your trip last week??

  5. Forget the Kong ball. It's too hard and as you noted could knock out their teeth or you! I still recommend the Kong toy that is conical shaped. Ginger loved it, couldn't hurt it and never hurt herself with it. If Sport takes a liking to it your home free. I went to Maryland's Eastern Shore for a shake down trip and left the dog home. I shot a deer, the first one in almost 15 years, while I was there. I had bad gas in the generator and spent a cold night in the trailer but I still had a good time. Erin and I are leaving on our Western Maryland Grouse Hunt on Wednesday. I'll take pictures and let you know how it goes.

  6. Thanks Art. I got one of those braided ropes like Texwis suggested. I've tried them before, but only the little ones. This is a really big one, so we'll see if it satisfies the need to chew. Maybe I'll pick up one of those Kongs in the conical shape next time. Good luck on your upcoming trip. Hope you and Erin get lots of birds. We'll be looking forward to hearing all about it!

  7. O wow! LOL! I enjoy the irony though. Here I use to think the creators of such things must be of a higher intelligence... the tag says it all though, right!? It really is annoying to spend the money on stuff like that when they obviously knew it wasn't going to hold up.

    We have been in the same situation. Not a stuffed animal last in this house. Our dogs like tennis balls. I have also had those rope thingys with tennis balls attached to them. They like throwing them up in the air and playing tug of war. He may like that. Looks like Sport is quite happy with his new forever home! I love the pics of him playing. Made me smile!

  8. I am a BIG fan of the Kong toys - the ones that you can stuff with treats which fall out when the dogs manipulate it. Or you can shove peanut butter in it, and the dog has to work at licking the PB out, which can really pacify an orally-fixated gun dog pup.

    I have watched different dogs work out their own ways to extract the treats, and they demonstrate levels of intelligence which amaze me.

    My shepherd picked it up in her mouth, stood on the couch an dropped it so it bounced on the wood floors and flung treats out when it hit. My flatcoat rolled it with her nose, collected the treats, then rolled it again, until it was empty.

    Other than that, I buy bulk tennis balls from Amazon for retrieving games. I can put a ball or two in an old sock for throwing and retrieving training. It's a great intermediary step towards traing a gun dog to retrieve. You can put anything inside a sock, including dead game. The sock means 'play' and training should be fun. Plus an old sock is great for two dogs to play tug o'war with.

  9. Thanks Leigh and Jennifer. I am experimenting with rope toys and Kong toys. We'll see!!

  10. We've always had our best luck with the BIG braided rope toys. Our dogs still tore up the kong toys - those big labs can be pretty destructive!

    Big rawhide bones too - those help as well.