Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summit Assistance Dogs of Anacortes, Wa.

This post is about great dogs! Dan and I went to Anacortes, Washington to visit our daughter Amy. While there, we met a lady, Diana, who breeds golden retrievers for service dogs, for Summit Assistance Dogs.

I like to showcase organizations like this, so I have added them to my list of favorite links. I hope you'll take a look. They have a wonderful video that shows the great work they are doing.

They are a non-profit organization and you can find their website by clicking here:


  1. These organizations are wonderful. So very important to our disabled and special needs folks. Aren't dogs amazing?

  2. Amy, Oh yea, Dogs are most certainly amazing. They are our furry, 4 legged heroes! I noticed you have a HUGE white dog on Verde Farm. She/He is a beauty.