Monday, September 6, 2010

Poodles in the Clouds? Jumping Over My House!

Do you see what I see?? Poodles in the Clouds??


  1. I sure do see that high stepping poodle. Pays to look up every now and then to take in the sights.

  2. Montana doesn't have a medical marijuana industry does it? If not, you need to get out more!

  3. LMAO!!!!! I see it!!!!

    I have a chicken in my tree line... I'm soooo going to have to email you a pic. ;)

  4. What a beautiful sky!!
    Did you see any grouse up there for Dan & Mikey?

  5. Hi Terry, Funny thing was, we were looking at the sky talking about a friend who is always "seeing" stuff in the clouds. I sent her the pic!

    Art, Actually Montana is a Med. Mari. State. But really Art, doesn't EVERYONE see poodles in the clouds occasionally? Terry see's them! And Leigh see's them...and she even has a Chicken in her sky. Even Tim and Casey see them! I think maybe you're the one who need's to get out more! ha ha Just kiddin' Ya Art.
    Oh.... and Tim.....No Grouse Clouds! Darn!

    Thanks for laughing with me Ya'll!

  6. Karen, if I told you all the things I've seen in the sky -------- well let's say it's a bit like the folks who see UFO sightings, just a half bubble off plumb!

  7. Karen, I see it but I haven't spent that much time looking at clouds in a long time. Very funny!

  8. Okay Terry, I won't ask.....but it does sound interesting!

    Art, I call it mindless entertainment. Sometimes the brain just has to escape the stress of life. In this case, I saw it the second I looked up. Then saw the second one, which was a little weird. I've heard rumor there's snow in some of the clouds around the mountains. That's a cloud I don't want to see too soon!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love to find new ones and new friends. I definitely see what you see--that is pretty amazing. How on earth did you make the connections on the clouds and the poodle and the doggie pic--it's right on!
    I am now following you via google friends :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  10. And thanks to you too! I just looked up and there they were. Two of them. So I took the picture and then came in to find a free google image to match. It is pretty funny, huh?!
    Maybe next time I can find some mini donkeys like your little Otis and Andy at Verde Farm!
    Donkeys in the sky!