Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One More Than The Last Hunt!

Off on another hunt! It's a beautiful day here in Montana. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. The grouse must be out too! We decided to go to Martin Creek because it's one of my favorite places to take the dogs. They love the shallow edge of the water and the scenery is always lush and green. It's over an hours drive to get there. Over a mountain and along the river on a back country road. Surely, we thought, we'd see some grouse along the way.

We arrived at Martin Creek an hour and twenty minutes later. Never saw a grouse.
So we let Sport out for a little romp. We played fetch in the water and he took a little swim. Boy did he enjoy that!

"Ahhh.....Nothing better than getting dirty after my bath"

We took a nice break and let the dogs thoroughly enjoy the water. Headed back down the road with hopes of seeing something on the way home. We spotted a grouse on the left side of the road. I got out and walked toward it until it went off the side of the road. Do you see it? This is an excellent opportunity to allow Sport to work a bird and gain experience. We always wait until the bird is way off the road, before we let the dog out. We don't want the dog to SEE the bird. We want him to SMELL the bird out.

This years young grouse

 Sport is young and has very little experience. He missed the bird. He simply ran past the scent. He came back, and searched and searched. But he did lose the bird and it flushed out way ahead of him. Time and experience will change that. The grouse was so young and puny we were willing to let it get away. So many times, Dan will not shoot the bird because of low populations. But for a young dog in training, if he points and holds the bird, and then it flushes, you have to shoot it for the dog. It's part of the partnership you share with your bird dog. What bird hunter hasn't received a dirty look from his dog upon missing the shot, after a great find by the dog?

We loaded up and headed back down the road again. We spotted something on the side of the road. Doesn't look like a grouse. No.....to fat and low to the ground. Don't remember it being there when we came by the first time.  We'll just drive slowly and sneak up on it.  It's a ......no......it's a ......no..........

What the?!..........

it's a pair of BOOTS??

Yep, someone left them neatly sitting together on the side of the road. Looks like Gorilla Glue holding the toes together. Maybe this will be an excuse to get a new pair. We left them sitting there all alone waiting for their owner to return. Hope he made it before the rain.

As for our grouse hunt, well, you've seen it. That was the only grouse we saw. I guess I should be grateful. That's one more than the last hunt!


  1. It's great that you hunt with your dogs, they must get so much satisfaction from it!

  2. And the scenery is fantastic! How are the grouse numbers? I may have missed that in an earlier post if you mentioned it.

  3. Hi K-9 Crazy! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the Gordon's get a lot of satisfaction out of hunting. Other than a pat on the head, it's what they live for!

    Hi Casey, Good to hear from you. Unfortunately, the grouse numbers are way down this year. A very wet spring killed most of the chicks. Funny, how they survive in 4 feet of snow, but the spring rain and cold will kill the little chicks. Montana's got nothing, but all around us in Washington, Idaho, and Colorado seem to be doing great.

  4. Sport looked like he had a great time "hunting". :)
    Sounds like a fabulous day anyways!

    If Lee's shoes fall apart on the job he will put caulking on them! LOL
    I tell him that left his shoes in Montana. LOL

  5. If they were my dogs, I would have to give them a bath and blow them dry so they could come home and lounge on the couch in front of the fire. I'm beginning to think that these setters are taking advantage of me. I'm not sure who is calling the shots at this point. Great scenery and obviously happy dogs!

  6. Leigh, Just tell Lee I'll make him a good deal on a pair of "slightly used", men's size 9!

    And Art, I think we already KNOW who is in charge. Was there ever any doubt?

  7. Hi Karen. I found your blog this morning, through John's. I had to look through your pictures to find out what Gordon Setters look like. What a beautiful dog, but don't tell my Golden Retriever, Lucy, that I said that! She can be a bit insecure at times, just ask my cat, Salem. I'm curious what town in Montana you live in? My husband grew up in Great Falls.

  8. Hi Kim and welcome to Gordon Setter Crossing! I promise I won't tell Lucy that you paid a visit to my black and tans. I understand canine jealousy. (: Gordons have a wonderful personality and make great family dogs like Goldens. They have a strong desire to hunt, and we do hunt ours.
    We live in the NW part of Montana, right next to the Idaho border, at the bottom of the panhandle. Heron, is the name of the town (population 112). It's the prettiest part of Montana! We are about 6 hours from Great Falls. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi Karen,
    It does appear as if Lucy has a kindred spirit over the pond, looks like Sport had a great time and in what appears to be a little piece of paradise.