Friday, September 24, 2010

Gordon Setters Have Reasoning Ability

Gordon Setters are known for their intelligence and good memory. That's not really news, especially for those of us who own them. But did you know that a Gordon Setter can recall where she found a bird, an entire year later? This may explain some of their "bird sense" they are known for.

Gordon's also have the reasoning capacity of a 5 to 7 year old child. For anyone who is a parent, they know that 5 - 7 yrs old, for a child, is probably the most reasonable age in a  child's life.  And like a child,  Gordon's are so open to learning and having new experiences.

These factors alone, make training a Gordon Setter easier than most, and a pleasure to work with.


  1. All of my dogs remembered where they flushed a bird. Around my property, they always remembered any spot that I hid a bird for them during training. they are very smart and a joy to own and work with. They are great dogs, a great breed and a joy to own.

  2. Your Gordon's sure are lookers, as in beautiful dogs. I have not had the pleasure of knowing or hunting with a Gordon, yet hope to before my field days are over. I know my Lab Jet remembers where she flushed Pheasants. Can't keep her out of those areas. How are Gordon's for waterfowl?

  3. Art, Almost makes it harder to work on birds because you eventually run out of yard room that hasn't held a planted bird yet! It's nice having a fellow Gordon Setter owner following my blog. Thanks Art!

    Terry, Thanks for the compliment and your interest! Gordon Setters are perfect in every way, except for being a waterfowl dog. They just don't have the coat and can't take that cold winter water like the labs can. For upland birds of any kind, Gordons are wonderful. They have a natural ability to point, and most will retrieve. They are great companions and family dogs which makes them a well rounded bird dog.

  4. The most incredible thing I have seen was my English Setter Thorne circle a running grouse that my boy Hunter was following. I know this is common, but the idea she actually went around a hill out of sight is what amazed me. Maybe the highlight of my bird dog days.

    Dogs remembering where planted birds were is an easily exploited trait to set up training exercises. I love it :)

  5. Hey there Dual Setters! Thanks for stopping by with another great bird dog story. They really are amazing dogs, aren't they?