Friday, July 9, 2010

Sadly, We Say Good-Bye to "Ginger"

9/22/94  ~  7/7/10
Flash with Ginger as a puppy
Art and Darlene, two frequent visitors to the Gordon Setter Crossing, just lost Ginger, their 15 year old Springset Gordon Setter. Ginger appeared in the Blog earlier this year when Art was treating her with Adequin to try and restore some mobility to her severely arthritic hips.  (Click Here for Story) .  
Art said the Adequin helped and made her last days more comfortable but it wasn't enough to turn back the clock.  
Art and Darlene wanted to share a few photos from her long life. 

Obviously, Queen of the house!


Art said she was a great hunter and a wonderful companion 
and that they were blessed to have her all those years.
 Art was trying to find something that might capture what he was feeling so he turned to his study to peruse the books that line the shelves.  He came across this short story and the opening paragraph that he feels captures the emotions that run through us at a time like this:

Kipling warned us all long ago to "beware of giving our hearts to a dog to tear." Yet we all go on letting our hearts be torn, and always will.  Which perhaps is well.  For to have had and to lose anyone or anything dear to us is but one of the lessons of life.
From the Last Long Sleep by Horace Lytle
The Derrydale Press
Lyon Miss. 1941
❤   Rest In Peace Ginger   ❤


  1. Karen, Thank you for posting this tribute to Ginger. Darlene

  2. Sorry to hear of the loss of Ginger! Most of us that have given our hearts know how true kiplings words were. Gingers family will be in our thoughts. :)

  3. It was my pleasure, Darlene. Ginger had become special to us too.

  4. A nice tribute to a very loved family member. Kiplings words ring so true and yet after my Jet departs there will be another. Wishing Ginger many fair hunts on the other side.

  5. Art & Darlene - You and Ginger are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Thank-you for sharing your Adequin experience with us, it will help our senior dogs when their time comes.

  6. Thnks for all the nice comments. She was a good dog and well loved. There will be others (as soon as I can figure how to slip one in the house)and new adventures. I hope there are no kong toys in heaven or no one is going to get any peace.