Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New TOY for The Gordon Setter Puppies

  Puppies Need Toys 

  So we brought home a new toy for the puppies...............

An 8 year old BOY of their very own!


 Didn't take too long for the puppies to figure out how to play with the boy.

Licking his ear makes him giggle!

He's soft to walk on too!

We like him! We like him!..........Can we Keep him??

Ahhhh......He loves us too!

Pure Puppy Love


  1. Adorable!!! Remind the puppies that boys have to be feed at least three times a day!

    I love it!!!

  2. nothing better than puppies and little people - tails wagging and giggling - so fun to see. Thanks for sharing. Still wishy-washy on the last puppy but my budget and "common" sense is telling me to wait for an adult rescue Gordie. Will see............. Jan

  3. Ha!Ha! I love it mom! Remind my lit'l man that the puppies stay at grandma's house!!! LOL Love you both! ~Shell

  4. Doesn't hardly get any better than kids and puppies! I remember the time a golden retriever of mine, Amber, had 12 puppies...

  5. Shell, are you sure you wouldn't like one or two to play with those 3 boys?? You need something to do, right?

    Casey, OMG, 12 puppies would be a handful for sure! Nice to have a summer litter.

    The "BOY" is my sweet grandson, Kaleb. He come to visit and helps a lot with the puppies. He is one of eight grandchildren.

  6. I love that the puppies have a real live boy to play with! Must be nice having his help with the gang.

  7. Very Cute. No dog should be without his boy or girl. I would love to have a new pup but its going to have to wait a bit.

  8. Kelly, Yes Kaleb is a big help and he doesn't even mind! Thanks for stopping by!

    Art, You bet! After all, what's a dog without a child to chase around?? ha ha
    We'd love to send you a puppy, if you were ready. Maybe next litter.........