Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Day For The Puppies......A Trip To The Vet!

LYNN: The doctor will be right with you........

PUPPY:  HUH??......The WHO??...........The DOCTOR?!......   I'm not sure.

DOC: Here you go, Dr. Moody, a fine specimen!
PUPPY : Did she say, FINE?

DOC: Ears look good.............heart sounds good too!
 PUPPY :  Mommy says I have a sweet heart.
LYNN : Teeth and mouth look good.....good gag reflex.
LYNN : Looks like your weight is perfect. 8 pounds..........
PUPPY : I'm trying to get bigger so I can dominate Hank!
DOC : Bellybutton healed nicely........very cute.
PUPPY : That tickles!
DOC : A little Strongid (wormer) for you.......You'll like taste like bananas!
PUPPY :  NO! ....NO!....ackkkkkk.........ackkkkkk..........hey...........that's really good!!

DOC: I told you!
PUPPY : yummmmmmm
DOC: Now for a quick vaccination to keep you safe and healthy!

PUPPY : Thanks Doc! That wasn't bad at all!

DOC : What a good puppy you are!
PUPPY : Never mind the lolly pop.....Mom's taking us to McDonalds for our first French Fries! They're her weakness too!
 Jordon assists Dr. Moody with JJ's exam and shots.
 Momma gets a good bill of health too!

 PUPPIES : Munch Munch.......Yum Yum..........What a great day!
KAREN :   (Please forgive me Dr. Moody!)

Thanks to Dr. John Moody and his wonderful staff at Bonner Animal Hospital for taking excellent care of our puppies, not only in this litter, but all the litters and adult dogs of the past 32 years.  You Guys are the BEST!


  1. Great photos and captions. What a fun post!

  2. Made my day! Kids got lots of giggles out of this too. Thank you Karen. I also love the new picture of you and puppy!

  3. Adorable.!
    Can't wait to meet you & Kelly's new pup.

  4. Hi Kelly's Sister! We're looking forward to meeting you to. I invite you to sign up , so you can see all the posts I do on the litter. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very cute. it brings back a lot of memories. The pups always hated going to the vet. They always knew when we turned into the parking lot where they were goiong and the refused to go easily.

  6. Hi Art! Yes, most dogs due tend to remember their vet check. This was the pups first car trip. It's an hour drive.....takes them about 48 minutes to get still and quiet. Only one got car sick. I know which one it was....the one in the kennel with three other siblings! ha ha

  7. They are growing up into good-looking dogs!

  8. Oh Man, those puppies are soooo it wrong to want one?....All that skin...and those eyes....Give them all a pat from us in the UK!

  9. Thanks Casey and Jennifer. I will indeed give them an extra pat. Thanks for stopping you guys know what a Gordon Setter puppy looks like! (:

  10. LOL! How did I miss this post!?!?!?!?! So cute! I always knew we were kindred spirits... I take mine to McDonalds after a vets office too. My boys love the Chicken Nuggets. lol

  11. i just love this post!!! So glad you linked up with Farm Friend Friday-we need the dogs represented out there. Thank you Karen :)

  12. You're welcome Amy! My pleasure! Wasn't sure if I should post, since I am not a farm blog, but I thought the same thing you did, "someone needs to represent the dogs" I've been having fun looking at some of the other posts and blogs. What a great idea you had.

  13. They are so adorable~it makes me want a puppy.

  14. Your pups are gorgeous! Glad you are part of Farm Friend Friday....all of us who love farms love dogs.

  15. Teresa, Don't be fooled by those cute little faces....ha ha Thanks for stopping by today!

    Jennifer......Thank you also for stopping by.(: