Wednesday, June 30, 2010



March 14, 1997 - June 29, 2010

                           Our Sweet Little Boy, We will miss you forever. 
                      Life will never be the same without you here.


  1. We will miss you Happy.
    Cassi, Bailey and Tim

  2. Karen,
    I have no words of comfort except that time will soften to pain.
    Deepest regards,

  3. O Karen, Im so sorry that your days with Happy were so short numbered. I am sure that there is little comfort at this point but I know that you aand Dan loved and cared for him with the very best! I am sure he knew how much he was loved and how greatly he will be missed. You will see him again one day... perhaps when you are having a sweet dream he will return to you... maybe on a cold snowy afternoon you will see something in the distance that will remind you of his days running about... and then you will know that his spirit is always there, checking in on you and watching over the people who love him most in this world and you both will find peace.
    With Love,

  4. Tim and John, Thank you for you kind words and don't forget to give the pups a kiss on the head tonight. Even the bog monster.

    Leigh, You and I think alike. I hope we are both right. Thank you for your sweet thoughts and love.

    Friends lesson the pain of sorrow. ~ Karen

  5. Karen, so sad to read of Happy so close to what should be a joyous Independence Day holiday.

    Soldier on, and enjoy embellishing Happy's story as time passes ;-)

  6. Karen, I'm so sorry about Happy, I didn't realize that he would go so quickly. Ginger has also deteriorated badly in the past two weeks and now can hardly walk. We have been carrying her in and out and helping her walk around the yard. We know we have to make a decision but its not an easy one to make. Its hard to let go of someone you care so much about but sometimes that's what we have to do. Take care.

  7. Thank you Michael. Yes, actually, I do have some "Happy" stories to share, in time. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    Art, I'm so sorry about Ginger. Love her as long as you can. Don't give in, and don't give up, until she does. The time is not right, until SHE is ready. Trust me on this. Give her an extra hug from us. I'll say a pray for her, and you too.

  8. My deepest sympathies go out to yourself and Dan, Karen.
    This type of news always brings a tear, as it brings to mind our own losses, and dear friends that have go on before.

    My thoughts are also with Art, his family and Ginger...

    I'm very sorry...

  9. BlacknTan, ( Bill), Thanks for stopping by. Happy was very important to us and we loved him dearly. He was also one of the last living "Peat" puppies.
    It's so sad.

  10. I loved Happy's long mussel, reminded me of my Moxie (Peat x Celtie). In the past few visits to your little piece of heaven, Happy got use to me slipping him a cookie when I would come inside. A sweet disposition and a good hunter. His "happy" dance when he knew it was time to hunt was precious. Then, after a long day in the woods, he would be flaked out by the fireplace, until dinner, when he would attempt to gain favor in the kitchen :)

    Art, you and Ginger are in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Maybe Gin could hear them becasue she is doing a little better. I'm using a sling to help her walk and it seems to be recovering some range of motion. She can get up and walk around the house, eat and get water. She still falls down but she seems stronger and has more control. She is in good spirits, has a good appetite and still begs at the table so she is still acting like herself. With her 16th birthday coming up in Sept. we are just taking it one week at a time.