Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gordon Setter Puppies!

     Now a Week Old................ Brother and Sister  

  A Hand Full

 Little nose and little toes.....

     The Whole Gang                


  1. Hi Karen,
    Those define the word cute.

  2. What Sweeties!

    Good on you all!

  3. Very cute. I'm looking forward to seeing them progress into little dogs.

  4. Oh, man, a pile of puppies! It's hard to find a happier sight than that! Congrats!

    Plan on keeping any?

  5. Congratulations, they are so cute all snuggled up together. Give them a squeeze for me. Have fun.

  6. Those pictures just made my day! How do your resist the urge to jump in there, snuggle up take a nap with them... or do you!? ;) haha
    I could see me now tucking each of them in bed at night and handing Lee a pillow and covers for the couch! I hope I didnt give you any ideas... sorry Dan. ;)

  7. Thanks to you all for the nice comments. I will post pics each week so you can see them grow and develop into bird dogs. And yes Leigh, it is hard to resist the urge to mp into the middle of the pile! I bet when you were little, you were the one who put her cat in a baby buggy and slept with her??

  8. I tried to correct my mistake.....NAP not mp......something went wrong and shut it all down. Oh well. LOL

  9. Karen,
    You are almost correct, except it wasnt a cat but infact our first Gordon Setter, Parker. He sooo hated wearing baby doll cloths too...luckily for him he grew out of them fairly quickly and after a while it was quite tricky to get him to stay in the stroller as well. Needless to say, my Dad just loved to see his prized Bird dog sporting around in a bonnet! Just thinking about the times me and my old boy had together puts a smile on my face! ;)

  10. Makes me smile too, Leigh, thinking about Parker in a bonnet and you pushing him around in the baby buggy! That was a missed "Kodak Moment". I bet your Dad was rolling his eyes! LOL