Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've been around dogs all my life and Gordon Setters for the past 25 years . I have never seen anything this bazaar! I can not imagine what this dog is thinking! What do you think? Is he dumb, or psycho, or ill in some way? What in the world would make him behave this way??


  1. Certainly odd behavior, I venture to guess that he has a partially loose screw somewhere. At least he didn't hurt himself.

  2. Sometimes its hard to read a dog. This dog is out there and could use some valium.

  3. I knew someone who had a cockapoo that did this and turns out it was because the dog was infested with fleas.
    It also reminds me of when my Sammy was chewing on his feet really bad. It was so bad that he would chew on his feet and growl at them. I took him to the vets and she said he had hot spots. I had my doudts so I took him home and shaved his foot and found that he had gotten into seed ticks. If you have ever had them you would know they teeny tiny and itch terribly... so badly that it is enough to make one go mad! ;)

    It is my guess that the dog has a parasite crawling on him.

  4. Terry & Owl, I was sort of thinking on the same lines as you guys until I read Leigh's idea. Now I'm just wondering, if she is right. She's actually seen this, which is more knowledge about this than I had. Although, it does look as if the part of the brain that is controlling the end that is chewing a bone, doesn't know what the other half of the brain is doing, which is directing the leg to scratch. They are not connecting. I guess we'll never really know for sure. It wasn't explained on YouTube.