Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leaving...But Not On A Jet Plane!

Dan and I will be leaving soon for our road trip south to Nashville. I am so excited! My niece is graduating from high school and I will get to be there! I love taking road trips with my husband. We always have such a great time. No worries, no dogs to shovel up after or feed, (although I will miss them)  no responsibilities, no cooking, no housecleaning! Did I cooking and cleaning?! I can't wait to have some Sweet Tea and Strawberry pie and eat at Cracker Barrel and Shoney's! Smell the honeysuckle at my grandmothers house, and sadly, visit her grave. See my cousins and some relatives that I haven't seen in many many years. Leigh....we'll honk the horn when we roll through Nashville! : ) And on our way home, I'll be seeing my best friend, Michele, from years ago, that I haven't seen since we were 14! She is pretty special. I named my daughter after her. WOW! It's going to be a great trip!

Our friends are staying here at the house to take care of things. It's nice to have someone staying with the dogs all the time. We're going to have a litter of pups just about a week after we get home!

Our friends will be here to take care of everything but my blog! That will have to wait until I return. I will be checking it once or twice,  but do not know if I'll be able to reply to anyone. I'm sure you all understand. But, do feel free to comment for the benefit of others. I will address them when I get back.

I have a few posts done ahead and scheduled to post while I am gone. I hope you guys will also take the opportunity to check out some of my older posts. I can't believe I have done over 300 posts in just 10 months! I'm sure there are some you have missed.

Be sure to catch my Memorial Day Tribute Post. (will post on 5/25)  I know you'll enjoy it!

 See ya'll in a few weeks!!

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  1. A great tribute Karen, and thanks for the all important reminder as we head to the weekend. Have a great trip, and we are sure hoping to talk about securing one of those June pups. Talk to you when you get a chance.
    Mark Mohorcich from Msla 406-360-4128