Friday, April 9, 2010

A "Get 'er Done" Bath Trick!

When you bathe your dog, do you have trouble with him shaking off every few minutes, before you are done? Slinging shampoo and suds and water everywhere? Well here's a little trick I learned that really works, to stop it.
If you're like me, it takes two to wash the dog anyway. One to hold him, and the other one to scrub and rinse him.
If you have someone to help you hold your dog, have them take his front paw in hand and just hold it up, about chest level. I have been told that it is impossible for a dog to shake while his front leg is being held up. Their front legs are their balancing point. I have used this method for several years now and have never had a dog shake while we were holding his leg up. It really works!

Remember though, as soon as you put his paw down, he is going to shake off all that water!


  1. What? get close enough to Lucy to bath her with all that odour? you must think that i'm unhinged to try and get 'clean' water anywhere near her. ;-)

  2. I just wear my fire dept. turnout gear and try to do it outside if the weather is nice. If its cold and we have to do it in the bathroom tub, its like a hazmat cleanup when we're done.

  3. Great tip! Don't have much of a problem with my mutt, though. Loves being wet.

  4. I will have to try that... Little Hannah the rat terroist mix/mut has to get baths weekly due to her allergies. Thanks for the advice! ;)

  5. John, Oh no, I would not expect Lucy to wash away that lovely "essence" of who she is! She wouldn't recognize herself!

    Art, I get the picture. We have a female like that.....she get's her bath in the summertime....outside.

    Wanderingowl, You're lucky. Most of us on this blog have dogs who run FROM a bath and run TO a muddy hole!

    Leigh , Was that rat terroist, or terrier? Just hang on to her leg. As long as it's up, she can't shake. Let me know how it works with Hannah.