Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parker and Sophie - Gone, But Not Forgotten

One of my blogger buddies, Leigh, from  Come by Chance  blog, sent me this story about herself and the  Gordon Setters that she grew up with. I was so touched by the memories she shared with me, I wanted to share them with all of you. So, this post is dedicated to Parker and Sophie.

Gone, But Not Forgotten



This is Leigh's memory of her Gordon Setters,  Parker and SophieLove those names!

These are the pics of Parker and Sophie. Parker was always much larger as you can see. Sophie was a gentle but complex girl. When she was a small pup she got a little too close to our mare. The mare kicked her. The vet assured us it was just a bruise. Sophie continued to lick the spot, and eventually a growth appeared. By the time we realized the magnitude of the situation and had the growth removed it was too late to save her leg. After the surgery she quit using the leg because they had to removed so much muscle. Almost a month later her leg had to be amputated. There is an interesting story behind Sophie. She was very young when her initial injury occurred. We always wondered if her personality was formed from this. She was always very independent and didn't pine for affection like the rest of our dogs... now looking back we wonder if it was because she was in pain.

 I was raised with these guys. I was about nine years old when my parents bought Parker and Sophie. So I felt like they were my baby brother and sister. At night I remember going into their kennel and reading to them. I would put Sophie in my lap with a blanket wrapped around us and read her the Berrenstain Bears. I smile as I remember this recollection. I always wanted a little sister... she was mine.

Years later, when Sophie recovered from her surgery, she started making this warbling sound... almost like she was trying to talk to us. She made these sounds anytime anyone spoke to her or if she was happy to see us. The going joke, she did this because she was read too as a pup. I am happy with these memories of my four legged siblings but my nose burns a bit as I fight back a few tears.

We grew up together, we went through life together. My children were also able to add them to their memories as well. Last year Sophie was the last to go. When we buried her, not only was I burying my childhood friend but also one of my last connections to my childhood.

Thinking of these guys is always bittersweet.

Thanks for Sharing the Gordon enthusiasm. ;)

If you haven't been to Leigh's blog,  Come by Chance,  check it out. She's a wonderful writer, no matter the subject. I highly recommend her blog for a good read.

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