Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muddy Brown Golden

This is Rosco.   Rosco is a 100 lb. Golden Retriever

Rosco belongs to Tammy's friend, Lisa. 
        And he loves the cool mud on a warm spring day!

Thank goodness for water troughs!!


  1. Hi Karen,
    and I thought that I had problems with the bog monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Smiling Regards,

  2. John, I've tried to post your comment a half dozen times and it will not post. ?? I'm so sorry. Seems to be a problem. I got your comment in email, but it's not here.
    As for your comment, I think Rosco and Lucy would make great pals! ha ha

  3. It’s all down to this new computer technology; I want me slate and chalk back!

  4. You've "scooped me" on Mud Season. I'm forwarding your link to several lucky "mud paint-brush" owners.

    Very nice!

  5. And I thought I saw some horror stories come through the dog door! Boy was I wrong.

  6. Oh, I would surely die if I saw that one come through the doggie door!! LOL I might even have a momentary thought that it was the BOG MONSTER from across the pond!!
    Michael, good nick name, "mud paint brush" ! LOL

  7. My Tuffy loves the mud also. I swear he digs holes in the pasture just so that he has mud puddles to play in when it rains. Although I've never seen him get this dirty!

  8. Oh the mud... it's the only thing that keeps spring from being perfect!

  9. Emily--- I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were right! No good dog would pass up a mud puddle in the spring!

    And Blessed --- You got that right! Here in Montana we either have, mud, snow, or dust. Nothing much in between!