Sunday, March 14, 2010

♥ Happy Birthday Happy ♥

Happy 13th Birthday Happy!

This post is dedicated to my little Gordon Setter, "Happy".  Today is his 13th birthday.

I never thought I'd love another Gordon like I did Peat, the Gordon that started it all. The Gordon Setter  that our kennel is named after. The Gordon that pointed my first grouse. The Gordon that I shot my first grouse over. The first bird dog I ever had. But I was wrong.

When Peat died, I was heartbroken. Then came Happy. He was the last puppy in the litter.  A litter from Peat. We had no buyer for him. The longer we kept him, the more Dan wanted to keep him. He brought him into the house to cheer me up. It worked. His doggie kisses and pawing my knee for attention soon won me over. He healed my broken heart with one doggie kiss at a time.

He's a wonderful house dog, as well as an excellent grouse hunter. He is a faithful friend and a bird dog through and through. He is our protector, our alarm system and the one waiting for us when we arrive home. He is always happy to see us.

I love this little Gordon Setter. Happy Birthday Happy.....and Many More!


  1. Happy Birthday Happy!!!
    There is something so irresistible about a gordons face... He really is a handsome boy.

  2. Happy Birthday from Art, Ginger and Erin. Give him a big hug and a nice treat for us.

  3. Happy birthday to a big sweetie!

    Our dogs both have birthdays next month... hard to believe how old they are getting!

  4. Happy and I thank you all for the happy birthday wishes and extra treats! He got extra attention, extra lovin' and extra treats today. You could say.....He's very very Happy!

  5. Happy Birthday Happy!
    Loved the hunts with you, and hang'in out by the fire. Wish I was closer to sneak you a cookie.
    Tim, Cassi & Bailey

  6. There is nothing quite like our oh so loyal dog friends always happy to see us. No wonder someone once said " Of all my friends, I like my dog the best ! "

  7. Tim, Don't worry, he got lots of cookies and treats!

    And Al, It's real hard to argue with that quote! And one of my favorites is, "The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs". My current friends, family, and blogger buddies excluded of course! You guys are the best!

  8. ♥ Happy thanks everyone for the great birthday wishes ♥

  9. Happy Birthday Hap, You know I love you. Gus and Sugar send their best woofs. I owe you a biscuit.