Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got Snow?? Make Snow Penguins!

I know that some of you are REALLY sick of the snow. Montana is enjoying a mild winter this year, but usually we gets lots and lots of snow. Foot after foot, after foot, of snow. This is what I did one year.

Meet : The Snow Penguin Family
I saw this idea in a catalog a few years ago. They had all of the felt pieces for in a package for sale. I made my own and had a great time doing it. Kids will too! The only other thing you need is snow and imagination.  I got lots of comments and our propane delivery man said, "I like your little friends there!" I even made a few pics and used them for some of my Christmas cards. I used the caption, "Hope Your Christmas is Full of Fun Surprises!"Everyone loved them.

And why stop at Penguins? You could get creative and do all kinds of animals. The important thing is,  to have fun and try not to let the weather get you down. Felt is cheap.  Buy plenty of it and sit the kids down with the scissors. (supervised that is) Use only felt, or possibly wool material. The rough texture is what makes it stick to the snow.

For the penguins make: scarves, bow ties, ear muffs, feet, flippers, eyes, beaks, and noses. Ad to the scenery: Christmas trees ( well, maybe not now) Flags, signs, etc. 

If you do make some snow penguins, send me a pic and I'll post it! Or, at least let us know so we can see what you've done.

Can anyone make a MOOSE??


  1. How cute! Which one did Dan make?

  2. I wanted to make a girl penguin but Karen wouldn't let me. DWT

  3. So cute! I'm not sure I can get that ambitious out in the snow, but I'm glad to see your efforts.

  4. This is too cute for words--I LOVE IT!! So glad you shared it. I think this would brighten anyone’s snow storm :) Love the deer feeding around them too.

  5. Anonymous, As I recall...that was a lonnnnng winter. ha ha

    Millie - A GOAT?! I believe the challenge was for YOU! I'm sure YOU could do better at a goat than I. lol

    Amy, You should have seen the deer when they first approached the snow penguins. It was really funny...they just didn't know what to think!

    Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by!Hope you got a giggle!

  6. How incredibly cool! I can't wait for it to snow again! I'll put them up by the big drift that forms near the road. Our neighbors would get a kick out of them.

  7. Dreaming, Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see what you do. Please post it if you do! Good luck and have fun with it!