Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MORE With Ginger - Day 8 - Adequan - Wonderful Progress

Photo's of Ginger Provided by ArtOC 

Ginger is really doing much better.  She is up early and very active.  She stays up and sits with us and is very engaged with what is going on.  After breakfast and dinner she wants to go out 3 or 4 times and she walks around checking things out.  She is more engaged with life again.  I carry her down the steps but she come in on her own.  When we are at work she is on her own and she has had no problems managing the steps but I know that's where the problem is going to come when it happens so I try and limit the times she has to go down on her own.  I enclosed a photo I took this AM.  She is sitting on her favorite blanket in front of the windows.  She is wide awake and enjoying herself.  After I took the photo she rolled over on her back and started wiggling around the rug like she used to do when she was young and having a good time. 


  1. Glad to see your Ginger is doing better. It is difficult to see our best friends having difficulties.

    We went through a spell with our Pomeranian where she started having seizures. Vet didn't have a clue. A little research on line and a change of dog food and no more problems. Must be some kind of chemical build up that sets them off. Anyhow, we are sure glad they're gone.

    Have a great day!

  2. Say Al, Would you mind telling us what kind of food you Pomeranian was eating when she was having seizures? And, what kind is she on now, that she is not having seizures? I suspect you are correct about the chemical build up.

  3. Hi Karen. Coco was on Beneful, I think by Purina for several years. She just turned 4 years old.

    She had her first seizure sometime in late July, it was a hot day and all of sudden on the deck she just went stiff and arched her head up and kind of froze like that, with the help me look in her eyes. Pretty freaky. We thought at first maybe she got too hot.

    Then maybe 10 days later just sitting on the couch, then less that a week then skip a few and a couple of days in a row. A definite progression.

    When we decided to switch foods, we went with Science Diet by Hills and she was OK in a couple of days.

    After one small bag of Science Diet, for some reason my wife bought Iams. 2 days of this and she was back having seizures again !

    Back to Science Diet again and so far so good for a few weeks. So more than 1 brand caused her trouble and we don't know what exactly but she's seems as healthy and lively as a puppy now.

    Go figure. Beneful and Iams have something in them that cause the problem.

  4. Thanks Al, that's very interesting. I hope she doesn't have any more. I have witnessed seizures before and it's very scary. It's hard to watch your beloved pet suffer something like that. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but please let us know if it happens again. And thanks for sharing your story.