Monday, February 1, 2010

Ginger - Day 6 - Adequan

ArtOC  Reports:

We gave the princess a bath yesterday.  What a chore!   For an old dog she is still pretty tough to handle.  When we were done the two of us were as wet as she was.  Anyway, she looks and feels a lot better and she was doing pretty good this morning.  I'm going to give her the adequan tonight so it has all night to work. 

Karen's Personal Note:

This drug that ArtOC is trying, Adequan, seems to have made a pretty big difference in Ginger's life. Hasn't changed her mind about not wanting baths, but the old girl is going up and down stairs with less difficulty and ArtOC says she gets up in the morning with less of a struggle. If you have an old dog, you know what it means to us as owners of these dogs, to see them moving again without severe pain.  If you have an aging dog, with arthritis, you may want to check with your Vet to see if Adequan is an option for him or her.

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