Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Your Health and Your and Your Bird Dogs

Studies have shown that spending time with a dog can do wonders for a persons spirit, which in turn, does wonders for the body. We, and our bird dogs,  get lots of exercise during bird season. But this time of year is more of a challenge. At least if you live in a place where hunting season is done with. We do other things in the off season.......our dogs still need something to stimulate and excite them also.  A little play time,  with a little training mixed in, and a lot of love and affection can ad years to your life and his. Play with your dog, make sure you give him plenty of praise,  and make it fun for you both. He'll know if you're not having fun and it will affect how he participates. If you're excited,  he'll get excited too. This is great bonding time for you both. All it takes is a few minutes a couple times a time. Aren't you BOTH worth it?

FACT: Interaction with a pet lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

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