Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 Year Old Ginger Doing Well On Adequan - 1 Month

Ginger And Erin

For those of you following 15 year old Ginger, and her experience on a drug called Adequan, here is an update.

Ginger started Adequan on Jan. 27. She has received 2 shots per week, for 4 weeks.  After this initail dosing, she will now go on a "maintenance" dosage, on a "as needed" basis. 

If you've been following Art's updates, you know how much of an improvement Gin has seen.  It's been a huge improvement for her quality of life. 

This from Art on the cost: 

I'll send you a post with the dose etc. but its $98.00 for a 5ml vial.  Gin weighs 43 Lbs and the she gets 0.9ml two times a week so that's 5 shots from the vial.  You give two shots for four weeks than a shot as needed to control symptoms.  I'm not sure how long that's going to be but I'm going to assume it's about once a week for her based on what I'm seeing.  So, if your dog is 50 or 60 lbs - probably 4 shots from the vial so your looking at about $200 for the first month than a $100 a month after that.  Not cheap but not outragous either. 

I made them something special tonight and they ate like little pigs! Gin is sitting up and under foot waiting to be fed.  She didn't do that a few weeks ago.  She also has been out at least a dozen times walking around enjoying the sights and smells. 

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