Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sitting By The Fireplace With My Gordon Setter

Happy "hugging" Karen
Photo By: Tim Herring

Happy, one of our Gordons, is almost 13 now. I've noticed his eyes are getting cloudier and his hearing is definitely not what it was even one year ago. Sometimes he walks into a room and has that look like he forgot why he came to that room, sort of like me sometimes. He sleeps a lot. Maybe because it's winter. Maybe because he's tired. When I have my coffee in the mornings we sit by the fire together and warm our bones and muscles to start the day. He's such a sweet little Gordon. I love his soft hair and long brown feathering. This is one of my most favorite moments of the day. I think it is his too. I'm glad he enjoys spending it with me in front of the fireplace. He even gives me a grateful hug sometimes.

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  1. Happy is such a sweetheart, flaking out by the fire, making his trips to see "what's up" in the kitchen, and prancing around when Dan is stirring - are we going out for birds?

    Cherish these golden years with Happy. It is so hard watching our dogs age. Missing Moxie with your story on Happy. Even though it has been 5 years this August, it seems like only yesterday she would follow me around, her muzzle grey with her 13 years, her teeth clattering and her eyes cloudy. I wish we could return as much love and devotion to them that they give us.