Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Amendment Rights Inspired By Swiss

Did You Know?

The Second Amedment in our Constitution,  actually was inspired by policies set by the peaceful people of Switzerland. And every household is armed to defend it!  

FACT:  All young males at the age of 20, are given automatic assault rifles and taught to use them, usually at an even earlier age. Each male is expected to defend their country should the need arise.

FACT:  There is less than 1 murder per 100,000 people.

FACT:   During World War I the Nazis didn't invade Switzerland because they knew that every household was armed and ready to defend.

For more interesting facts on Switzerland and their gun policies click the title!

Source: Courierpress.com


  1. Wow. that's really something. I've never been big on guns, but you can't argue with stats like that. In Canada the legal system is way, way too soft on criminals and they seem to have more rights than victims. Maybe we need a little bit of shoot first, ask questions later.

  2. It is said that there are an average of 26 guns per gun owning household, here in Montana. Not too many breaking and entering reports around here. More like, "Man shot during home invasion"!