Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keeping Your Gordon Setter As Young As Possible

To keep your dog as young as possible, follow the steps below for optimal health and vitality.

  1. Keep a slim body. Not Skinny, but slim.
  2. Give him chews and biscuits that help to clean his/her teeth. It is suggested that you brush your canines teeth 3 times a week.
  3. Give them NO human food, unless you have to, due to an illness.
  4. Make regular Vet checkups and keep all vaccinations up to date.
  5. Follow directions on his/her medications, if they have some, and make sure you give them as directed.
  6. Feed only the amount of dog food that is necessary to maintain your breeds ideal body condition. Always measure accurately and monitor their weigh regularly.
  7. Exercise or play actively with your dog at least 3 times per day for at least 15 minutes each time.
  8. Train and reinforce training, so that your dog will follow your command, no matter what or where.
  9. Keep you dog safe. Inside a fenced yard or kennel, on a leash, or in a dog carrier when traveling.
  10. Last, but not least, if your dog is happy, it will help him live 6 months longer. Give him/her plenty of toys to stimulate them. Just like us humans, happiness increases the quality of our pets lives.
Personal Note:
Now I think you have to give and take a little. Ask my gordon setter, Happy, if he'd rather have a taste of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and cheese, or if he'd rather live 6 months longer, I'm pretty sure he'd pick the chicken nuggets, hot dogs and cheese. Especially the cheese. I think you have to treat your dogs life a little like your own. We all give up living longer for various reasons. I used to smoke, for a long time. Finally quit and still not quite over it. But, I decided to give up the cigarettes so I might have more years to live and better quality years. I also gave up eggs and red meat, almost completely, to keep the cholesterol in check. I eat more fish and get more exercise. I hope these things will make me healthier. But there are a few things I won't give up. At least not until it becomes life threatening. French Fries, fried potatoes, salt and sugar, and I love Mt. Dew.  A person has to have a few things that make life a little sweeter. I think Happy would say the same thing. We feed him a healthy diet, give him exercise, and for his reward he gets a small portion of leftovers once or twice a day. He tells me it's worth it!



  1. My Gordon is now 12 and healthy but time is running short. Last month my dad had to put his Gordon down. It is extremely hard to lose a dog. Love your pics and posts


  2. Thanks Dan, I understand how you feel. Gordon Setters are part of our family and we grieve them as such. Enjoy your Gordon and make the most of each day you have with them.